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Can you match existing material within my home or property?

We try and work with all pre-existing material. As long as the existing material is still available, matching would not be an issue

How long does it take to complete?

Every job has different variables so each job is different but we aim to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Can I just use bleach to clean up mold?

It is not recommended. Mold spreads quickly and can become air born when it is disturbed. It is recommended to seek professional help in order to get the job done correctly and to minimize the amount of spores that enter the air.

Is there a guarantee or warranty for the work completed?

Any work that is completed by DKI – First Choice Disaster Restoration Building Restoration or their subcontractors is guaranteed for a year if it is due to workmanship. Any faulty product would be covered under the products warranty.

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