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Flood Damage Service Wallaceburg

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If you find yourself in need of professional flood damage services in Wallaceburg, work with our experienced flood damage team to ensure your flood is fully resolved promptly.

On hand to ensure your premises is promptly returned back to normal, our flood damage service team can handle any flood damage, whether it is caused by storm flooding, sewage backup, a flooded basement, or damaged equipment.

No-Fuss Flood Damage Services

We have 25 years of experience assisting home and business owners in Wallaceburg with professional flood damage cleanup services. If your property has flood damage, it’s key to seek professional cleanup services within the first 24 hours in order to prevent further flood damage.

It can be completely unsafe to inhabit a flood-damaged building as there could be mould growth, structural damage, and contamination from sewage and rotting materials, which is why a prompt cleanup is key.

Customized Flood Damage Clean Up

First Choice offers Wallaceburg home and business owners tailored flood-damaged services depending on your situation. Our flood damage cleanup services include water extraction, carpet removal, cleanup of damaged areas, deodorizing, and cleaning. When your flood damage has been cleared, we often are required to spray an anti-microbial agent in order to inhibit mould growth at your Wallaceburg location.

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Prevent flood damage from winning, at First Choice we use only highly efficient flood damage equipment that allows us to move quickly, efficiently restoring your Wallaceburg property. Our licensed and insured flood damage experts can even make your life easier by working directly with your insurance company.

If you find yourself in need of professional flood damage services in Wallaceburg, phone 519-352-8900 for service.

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