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Water & Flood Damage

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Living room flooding

Water and Flood damage is caused by a variety of circumstances but one thing is certain. When you encounter unexpected water damage, you want an immediate response. DKI – First Choice Disaster Restoration is always ready to respond immediately to your needs. Whether you suffer from a leaky roof, a broken water pipe, a leaking toilet or a flooded basement, we’re fully capable of clearing up the problem with highly efficient equipment quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Water damage can cause additional issues if not treated in a timely matter. Depending on the type of water that has created the problem the job can become health issue. Immediate response to complete the job is essential. The longer water sits the more destructive it can become.

DKI – First Choice Disaster Restoration provide multiple methods of water recovery depending on the needs of the job. We provide services such as Water extraction, removal of effected areas, carpet extraction as well as deodorizing and cleaning. Once the water is cleaned up spraying of an anti-microbial is often necessary in order to minimize the chance of mold growth.

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